Your logo tells a lot about your business and is the msot important part of your company’s branding strategy. You have to take many things into account when creating your design. Things like how the graphic would look on products, how it would work on your website, how it will work on social media, etc. 

TownCrafter Graphics has experience with all of those factors and can make sure that the logo that we design with you will work anywhere you need it to and be the right theme for your business.

We have designed a large number of logos for our own services, as well as for companies that we build sites for. The logo is the starting point for many other branding decisions, so we like to make sure that we get it right to start with.

After designing an amazing logo for your company, we can translate those design themes into other things, such as your print marketing, website, videos, social media, and even product design.

Social Media

TownCrafter Graphics can provide you with social media graphics and videos for your social network accounts.

We can also provide you with Social Media posting services for a monthly fee. It only costs you $400 per month and can save you tons of time. You just have to email us a summary of activities/events as well as any photos or videos from the past week and we will create social media posts throughout the next week to keep your accounts active.

If you are a TownCrafter Grid customer, you can choose to use our Social Key service, which will let you set up your social network postings weeks in advance for all of your networks, straight from your Grid dashboard.

Print Media

Every business has times they need print media. It could be flyers, posters, brochures, signs, programs, or even products. TownCrafter Graphics is fully capable of handling this work. We know what we are doing when it comes to design, so let us take some work off your hands and deliver phenomenal print marketing materials.


Video can be a powerful marketing force and it is something that you need to be making use of. TownCrafter Graphics makes that easy by offering a simple video service. You don’t have to deal with the technical aspects. We work with you to create a plan and then we put it into action, creating amazing visual content that can be used on your website, social media, presentations, and more.

TownCrafter can handle videos involving your own employees and customers, greenscreen videos, animated content, image collections, and more. The sky is the limit. We have even done augmented reality talking portraits and virtual reality photo spheres.

If you are a TC Grid customer, you can choose to use our Multimedia Key. You will receive one custom video credit per month, that does not roll over. This credit can be used on animated videos, month-in-review videos, single event videos, and more. This also includes a 12 graphic allotment per year to be used on social media graphics, posters, flyers, brochures, etc.