It Takes a Town…

TownCrafter encourages collaboration in every way possible, which includes getting support from your “town”. TownFunding is a fundraising platform for small businesses and nonprofits to get startup funds from the public, friends, and family. Coming Soon!

Why Should I Donate?

You are Helping Us Help Communities

TownCrafter uses education, tools, and collaboration to help each organization and individual we work with succeed. When you donate to a TownFunding project, you are giving us the ability to provide new ideas and connections to people who have the ability to change the world.

You Can Help People In Your Own Town

Small businesses and nonprofits have amazing impacts on places all over the US and the world. They provide employment. They provide quality products. They provide valuable services. Your donation can help the economy and countless individual lives.

You Can Provide Valuable Insight

A big reason we encourage our members to use TownFunding is so that we can see how people will respond to their idea. If their campaign receives a lot of donations, we can assume that there is interest. If not, we can suggest that they work on their idea some. Your donation helps us decide which organizations the public is ready for.

You Get to Choose Your Own Causes

You get to choose who gets your money. If you see an organization that you think deserves help, you can choose to help them. We give you the choice. Your money does not have to go into a fund that could be used for something you disagree with.

You Can Get Recognition For Your Donations

Many of our campaigns will feature rewards for donating. No matter what though, you get to know that you were an important factor in the founding of a business or nonprofit. You were one of the first to believe in them. That is something you can keep forever.

You Get to Make An Impact

When you donate to an organization through TownFunding, you are helping people accomplish their goals. Every dollar matters and make a huge difference for a group just starting out. It may be nothing to a large business or nonprofit, but to our Crafters, it is everything.

Why Should I Raise Capital?

It Can Help You Pay For TownCrafter Services

We came up with TownFunding as a way for our Crafters to pay for the TC services they need. We hate having to charge for our help, so this is a great compromise. We get the funding we need to pay our expenses and you get the services you need.

It Allows You To Get Help From Your Own Community

TownFunding allows you to draw on family friends, and the people your work will benefit to gather your initial funding.

It Serves as Market Research

TownFunding is set up as a crowdfunding system, which means that you don’t just have to convince one person to support you. You have to convince a lot of people. That should help you understand what people want and if your organization is feasible.

It Enables You to Fund Your Future

TownFunding allows you to continue raising funds, even after you pay for your TC services. We know you have more expenses and we want you to be able to get what you need.

It Allows You to Set Different Contribution Levels

We allow you to set up different dollar amounts for people to contribute and you can even offer rewards. Giving people incentives to contribute can help you raise more, even it it is just some small form of recognition.

It Lets You Choose Your Collection Options

Choose to receive funds as people give, or use an all-or-nothing goal. With the second option, you will only receive the money if you raise enough to fund your project. That allows your contributors to know that their money is being used well and adds a sense of urgency to your campaign.