TownCrafter Business Services Mission


Assist creative people in putting their ideas into action through education, tools, and collaboration

Why Are We Named TownCrafter?

Communities are built around the businesses being operated within them. We all have to make a living, so having quality businesses that care about the community really helps make towns great. They are able to bring people together, provide financial security, and help people in need. We work with community members to craft good and successful businesses and organizations, as well as develop a dedicated, knowledgeable workforce from within the town.

TownCrafter Divisions

TownCrafter Services is currently a division of MH Swain Business Services. Below are the divisions of TownCrafter.

TownTraining is the education division of TownCrafter. This is the group responsible for business, technology, and community training. This group helps put together training materials for businesses to provide to their employees and also helps members of the community apply for and be ready for new jobs.

 TownTech is the IT division of TownCrafter. They are responsible for building sites and custom technology solutions for businesses and conducting IT training for community members. TC Tech works closely with our clients to build and purchase exactly what they need and can afford. They also work in the long-term to maintain the technology and train new employees on it.

TownFunding is a crowdfunding platform designed to help us raise money to support new businesses and community investment projects. Check out our ongoing projects and donate to the ones you want to help make happen.

 TownConsultants is the division that works with businesses and within communities to build new technological infrastructure, provide guidance, and offer new ideas and perspectives. Our consultants are experts in their fields and are trained with our technology platforms to know the capabilities and possibilities.




TownCrafter Director

Matt attends Clemson University, pursuing two degrees in Managment and Marketing with an emphasis in entreprenaurship and a minor in nonprofit leadership. He has worked as a freelance web designer for the past three years and uses his knowlege of business strategeies and best-practices to design the best possible websites for his clients. Check out his portfolio here.

Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret

Editor and Web Assessor

Mary Margaret holds a business administration degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She has worked as a freelance text editor for over twenty years. Over the past ten years, she has worked as a web assessor for select high profile clients, ensuring that their customers find the information they are looking for online and determining the quality of web content.